Aktivismus in Hollywood

In Hinblick auf den kürzlich verstorbenen Wissenschaftler Stephen Hawking fordert Autor Vicente Lopez Ibor Mayor mehr „echten“ Aktivismus in Hollywood, wie zum Beispiel den von Leo, der sich seit 20 Jahren für den Kampf gegen den Klimawandel stark macht.

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Stephen Hawking was the kind of celebrity activist we need more of
Celebrities can push the needle on the world’s major issues, but it must be backed by real substance

Hollywood loves nothing more than dystopia and disaster: Deep Impact. Armageddon. Dante’s Peak. Contagion. But the real dystopia is creeping up on us through climate change. The real disaster movie is the slowly unfolding global warming. We are the stars of this movie – but not all of us realise it just yet.

The example of figures like Stephen Hawking in the realm of science and Leonardo Di Caprio in the field of clean energy (who incidentally yesterday announced his investment in a landmark eco-friendly hotel), prove that global issues can indeed be mainstreamed provided there is the right commitment and authenticity behind it.

After all, we are living through a moment where celebrity activism – or celebtivism, as I like to call it, is driving political conversations and social change. Me Too, Times Up and black dresses at awards ceremonies are all the latest and most visible of these campaigns, but this is celebtivism coming of age.

It is the maturity of something that has been building for over a century: celebtivism is almost as old as celebrity itself.


To see how Hollywood can do celebtivism right to promote the clean energy transition, Leonardo DiCaprio provides a rare example. His advocacy became best-known after his 2016 Oscar acceptance speech, but he has been committed to fighting climate change – with words, actions and money, including the building of an eco-resort in Belize – for a very long time.

He established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (a non-profit organization devoted to promoting environmental awareness) in 1998. It is difficult for us, 20 years later, to realize just how ahead of the curve he was.

And his foundation is far from a PR stunt – that much is clear, even to the most cynical observer. It has worked on projects in over 40 countries and has produced two short web documentaries, Water Planet and Global Warning, as well as him exec producing Cowspiracy and the 2016 film Before The Flood, documentary film examining various aspects of global warming.

In 2013 he held the “11th Hour” benefit, which became the world’s highest-grossing environmental charity event ever held, raising nearly $40 million.

And through this all, he has stayed in regular contact with noted researchers – such as Michael Mann, a climate scientist at Penn State University, who says of DiCaprio “I have talked with him and his folks frequently over the phone”.

Hollywood, celebrities and social media can push the needle on some of the world’s most major issues. But as the example of Stephen Hawking reminds us, it must be backed by real substance and the kind of authentic engagement that makes the difference between those that campaigns that resonate with millions and go viral and those that do not. That is the kind of Celebtivism our planet needs.



Alternate Titanic Ending

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Rose got into that lifeboat without jumping back on the Titanic, nor does she know Jack miraculously survived the sinking aswell. 10 years later, Rose is now a famous moving picture actress and she finds out a Titanic survivor has recently arrived in Santa Monica looking for her. She remembers with clarity that day on the Titanic where Jack promised he would one day bring her at the Santa Monica pier. Rose immediately runs to that pier, hoping to find that man who saved her in so many ways… and there he is.

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Joel Edgerton about Leo


“Leo’s incredible, you know? Like, Leo’s probably…one of the biggest movie stars walking the planet earth today. And it’s amazing how you meet a lot of people who are really good at what they do. They spend a lot of time just talking about themselves, and I think most actors assume that a conversation goes – ‘You ask questions and I tell my stories,’ you know? And Leo’s not like that.”

“He seems more curious and inquisitive about other people, about real things, about normal things. I think he’s just been a movie star for that long that I think the idea of talking about how big a movie star he is would probably bore him to tears. So I think he just seems like one of the lads, you know. He reminds me a lot of Australian buddies of mine actually. He just happens to have 50 million more dollars than all the other guys I know.”

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Leo is „a F***ING MANIAC“

… zumindest, wenn es um seine Arbeit als Schauspieler geht, das hat nun Kollege Domhnall Gleeson (The Revenant) in einem aktuellen Interview offenbart.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO and Tom Cruise are “f***ing maniacs” claims The Revenant and American Made co-star Domhnall Gleeson.

The two Hollywood A-listers are known for taking their jobs seriously on set and now their co-star has revealed what it’s really like to work with them.

Gleeson starred opposite Leo in The Revenant and with Cruise in American Made, learning a solid work ethic from both actors.

Speaking with Short List, he said: “Laziness is the only thing that’s not allowed.

“That’s what you learn [working] with people like Leo [DiCaprio] and Tom Cruise.”

He added: “They both work like f***ing maniacs. They lead by example.”

Gleeson’s claims shouldn’t be surprising with Leo winning an Oscar by putting his body through freezing temperatures for The Revenant.


Und ein weiteres aktuelles Sigthing aus LA (siehe Hintergrund):
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