20 Jahre TITANIC

Anlässlich des diesjährigen, großen Titanic-Jubiläums hat Cosmopolitan eine ganze Titanic 20th Anniversary Serie gestartet. Ich hab euch mal die meiner Meinung nach interessantesten Beiträge herausgepickt.

The ‚Irish Little Boy‘ From Titanic Shares Memories From the Set 20 Years Later

You’re also briefly seen walking down the hall, when everyone’s arriving on the ship, including Jack and Fabrizio [Danny Nucci]. What do you remember about that?
My mom told me about this: We did that one countless times and it was because James Cameron was getting incredibly frustrated that Leonardo couldn’t walk down the hallway and say his lines at the same time.

Oh my gosh. So you got to interact with Leo?
Yeah, I obviously wasn’t on set nearly as much as he was, but we shared the same makeup room on the days where I was on call, and so it was me and him in a makeup room. And my mom told me that he was super friendly and making me laugh, making faces at me and stuff. Very small interaction.

Do you have a favorite Leo movie since Titanic?
I really like him as an actor and from what I was told he was really nice to me as a kid, so I’ve kind of followed each of his movies. I’d been waiting for him to get an Oscar, so I was happy when he got the one for The Revenant, although that wasn’t my favorite one that he’s been in. I really liked The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street. Oh, and The Departed.

Das ganze Interview

The Little Girl From Titanic Has Dreamboat Leo Stories That Will Make You Melt

What was the experience like, shooting Titanic?
My very first scene that we filmed was one where I’m sitting with Leonardo DiCaprio, and we were drawing in his sketchbook. And he sees Rose and then [the actor] playing my dad comes up and says, „All right, say good-bye to Uncle Jack,“ so he could go off with her. It got cut — it’s in the deleted scenes — but it was three hours [of takes] and, in between, just hanging out and drawing pictures with Leo.

Do you remember what you and Leo were drawing?
If I remember correctly, we were drawing the world, and we were drawing the rain, which was God crying. I have this really weird memory of that.

Please tell me you got to keep that sketch or something that Leo drew for you.
Here’s the thing, and this is really, really sad — there’s another scene where Leo is drawing me and my dad, we’re, like, looking out at the ocean and he’s drawing us; it’s the scene where he sees Rose for the first time. Leo signed that sketch for me, and it was [being kept] safe in a trailer, and someone went in and stole it. I was so upset.

The worst. I know you’ve talked about Leo getting you PB&J sandwiches between takes and other sweet stuff — was he a Jack Dawson dreamboat in real life?
He totally was. There was so much of Jack in Leo, definitely. He was very sweet; he was very goofy, absolutely adorable. He always had a smile on his face, it was great.

Were you conscious of his status as a heartthrob on set?
I didn’t ever really notice that; I wasn’t really paying attention, because I was thinking, This is my new best friend Leo, and he’s so cool. In between scenes, we would hang out, and Kate would come up and talk to us too — she was obsessed with my sister’s hair, so she was always playing with it. And Leo would try to chase my sister around and tickle her.

But it was funny because that year, especially after filming, that’s when he was all over the J-14 magazines. People at school would bring the magazines in and I would be like, „Oh, I know him.“ You know, like a total little snob. They’d all say, „We know you know him! Shut up!“ [Laughs.] At one point, I actually invited him to come trick-or-treating with me.

That is amazing.
He said something like, „That’s so sweet, I’ll talk to my manager and see if I can make that happen.“ It didn’t.

Do you not keep in touch with Leo now, to try inviting him out again?
I don’t. And it’s such a bummer. I wish I did.

Das komplette Interview

1 Photographer on What It Was Like to Shoot Leonardo DiCaprio at the Peak of Leo Mania
„He’s a gentle soul. Just like his friend Tobey Maguire.“

Do you remember your first time photographing Leo?
I think the first time was on [the set of] The Basketball Diaries on the Lower East Side. It was in front of a school with a lot of graffiti. I was the only photographer. He was being the usual, hiding the face, coy self. You know, sort of silly. On the right is DiCaprio, he’s making this funny face, James Madio in the center, and Mark Wahlberg, who was super young, on the left. Next to a little mural on both sides sitting on concrete. I said, “This is silly, I don’t want to chase you around the set.” They all sat down, mugged for the camera for me. It’s an unbelievable little photo.

It’s funny because about six to eight months ago, I saw Leo on a Citi Bike with some friends on in Chinatown. They were heading to a Vietnamese restaurant, he passed me on the Citi Bike, and I caught him. [He was] peeved as usual. I interrupted him said, “Look, I just wanted to show you this photo I just found of you back in the early ‘90s.” I showed it to him and he was like, “Whoa. That’s really cool.”

How has your relationship with him changed, between photographer and subject?
I never really focused on him. I bumped into him over the years. He used to go with his mother to Madison Avenue, riding bikes. He’s always been so nice. He’s reluctant but he kind of gave it up. I once bumped into him in Battery Park. He was walking his dog and I spotted him, I took a few frames. He saw me and he let me continue shooting. And I said, “I’m really surprised, you’re always ducking for cover. Why are you letting me shoot you?” And he goes, “Well, I know you already got the shot.” And then I got a few more frames and I left him alone.

What’s the biggest scoop photo you’ve ever shot of Leo?
The biggest thing I ever got was when he was supposed to be at the Oscars, I don’t remember for what. And he didn’t go to the Oscars. Everybody was crazy to get a photograph of him. I was outside the Mercer Hotel, late at night, with another photographer, RJ Capak, and we saw him leave the hotel. He went to a club on West Broadway, we jumped in a cab and followed. We started blasting the flash as he got out of the car. It was late. 11 at night. And he’s covering up his face. And the other photographer got way too close so he’s in all the pictures. The New York Post [ran it], it was a great “gotcha” moment for them. They ran three little photos on their celebrity page, kind of embarrassing photos of him trying to cover his face. But I basically got the pictures.

How did you get tipped off about where he was in the ‘90s?
I was a very lucky photographer. I didn’t become a photographer until I was 40 years old. My first published photo was on the front page of the New York Times. Then I had a shot in the Post, a celebrity photo, which started my career. Most of the time it’s just wandering around, bumping into them. But with the Mercer Hotel, I think I was just wandering around that day and somebody said something about DiCaprio being there. But we were waiting hours and hours and hours, it was exhausting. Sometimes you just get the gut feeling and you wait.

I’ve photographed him a bunch of times. I’ve photographed him with Spielberg, Catch Me If You Can. I had some amazing pictures I ran in the New York Post with that. He was dressed up in his pilot’s uniform.

How did Leo compare to other celebrities in terms of how they treated you and other photographers?
I never had a problem with how he treated me. The only thing is sometimes he hides his face. But you never get a palpable hostility from him. You get a little discomfort, but he’s not a mean person. I think he’s genuinely a nice person. Once when he was outside the Mercer, around the same time I got him that time, he had a little posse with him and some of his friends were being a little aggressive to the photographers. And Leo called them off. He didn’t allow them to be overly aggressive. It could’ve gotten out of hand. So he’s genuinely a peaceful person, in my opinion.

How valuable is a photo of Leo?
When you get a picture of Leo DiCaprio, you’re going to sell it. Right now the market is terrible. I never made a lot of money off Leo DiCaprio at all. Many celebrities I’ve made, you know, a ton of money on. But not Leo DiCaprio. You make some money, and consistently. His image is valuable. He’s considered a sexy star. For a male star. By the magazines. People want to see pictures of Leo DiCaprio.

I’m surprised. He does seem like a consistent subject. Could that be the reason he doesn’t sell for a lot? Consistency?
I once took pictures of a Leo DiCaprio lookalike, I think he was from Sweden or Denmark. He was sitting at a restaurant on Madison Avenue. I got a tip. I went and photographed him. I made more money off the lookalike photograph that I ever made off Leonardo DiCaprio. I swear to god it’s true. I swear. I had a big spread in a Spanish Magazine, Hola. It sold all over the world. They called him Leonardo DiCappucino. He was sipping coffee. It was a big spread and it made a lot of money. I never made a lot off Leonardo DiCaprio. I made, you know, a bit of money. I don’t really care. I see him, I shoot him. And that’s it.

I want to talk about one of the more popular Leo photos of yours. Him on the set of Celebrity in 1997, months before Titanic was released. What comes to mind when you see this photo?
If I recall correctly, and it’s been a long time, I think it was at the Stanhope Hotel, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a gorgeous hotel. I believe they were filming a scene inside the hotel. It may have been through a window where I got a focus on him. He had this sort of candid moment where he wasn’t turning away or anything. It’s not a big money maker, but it captured something. I have a hard time [talking about it.] You can see his mind churning. He’s not hiding anything.

Do you think Leo has changed much since the release of Titanic, from your perspective?
He’s got an ego about him, like anybody would when you’re successful. He’s conscious of who he is. But I don’t think he’s changed all that much. He’s a little more mature. He’s become environmentally conscious. He just comes and goes. Ducks his head and moves on.

I’m relieved to hear that he’s genuinely a nice guy.
He’s a gentle soul. Just like his friend Tobey Maguire. They may not always be thrilled, but they have a little self respect and know how to act in public. They’re not hostile jerks.


Außerdem hat es „Titanic“ in die National Film Registry geschafft. applaus

USA: „Titanic“ nun im Filmregister

Der Film „Titanic“ von 1997 ist noch immer einer der erfolgreichsten Filme aller Zeiten – und hat nun 20 Jahre später noch eine besondere Ehrung erfahren.

Er ist einer von 25 Filmen, die nun auch zum „National Film Registry“ in den USA zählen. Der Film mit Kate Winslet und Leonardo DiCaprio erzählt die Geschichte vom Untergang des Dampfers Titanic und der großen Liebe von Rose und Jack. Hinter der Prestige-Liste steht die Bibliothek des amerikanischen Kongresses, die alljährlich Filme aussucht, die sie aus verschiedenen Gründen als erhaltenswert erachtet – also etwa wegen ihrer kulturellen, historischen oder künstlerischen Bedeutung.


Our hearts will go on and on… #justlookathim #hewasincrediblebeautiful #holyfuck

Randnotiz: Leo war nicht in Paris. Er ist wieder in LA, wo er gestern mit u.a. Tobey Maguire auf der Geburtstagsfeier von Jamie Foxx („Django Unchained“) war.


Leo & River Phoenix

When I was 18, River Phoenix was far and away my hero. I always wanted to meet him. One night, I was at this Halloween party, and he passed me. He was beyond pale – he looked white. Before I got a chance to say hello, he was gone, driving off to the Viper Room, where he fell over and died. That’s a lesson.”
Leo on River Phoenix

image host image host

“It’s difficult in this business making the transition into adulthood, but River Phoenix did it perfectly.”
Leo DiCaprio

image host image host

“I saw [Leo’s performances], and I said, ‘It’s unbelievable, the talent that this kid has.’ And then I thought about River.”
Rob Reiner

image host image host

“When I finally worked with Leonardo DiCaprio on ‚Catch Me If You Can‘, he reminded me of River. Not only do they look alike, their approach to acting, to their art, is very similar.”
Steven Spielberg

image host

Leo and Joaquin Phoenix with their mothers.

R i v e r  P h o e n i x
August 23, 1970 – October 31, 1993

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Mehr aus Miami

Laut Page Six soll Leo großes Interesse an folgendem „Kunstwerk“ für schlappe 850.000 Tacken auf der Art Basel in Miami gezeigt haben:


Leo nochmal mit der Kleinen verknallt
artbaselmiamidez2017_3 artbaselmiamidez2017_4
In Gesellschaft von Kindern scheint er immer herrlich entspannt zu sein, was die Frage aufkommen lässt, ob Leos Wunsch -mit inzwischen 43 Jahren- eine eigene Familie zu gründen heimlich still und leise wohl wachsen mag. Laut eigenen Angaben scheint er dieser Vorstellung immerhin nicht gänzlich abgeneigt zu sein…

At Art Basel in Miami, 06.12.17
artbaselmiamidez2017_6 artbaselmiamidez2017_7 artbaselmiamidez2017_8 artbaselmiamidez2017_9

Leaving Asian restaurant Komodo in Miami, 07.12.17
miamidez2017_1 miamidez2017_2 miamidez2017_3 miamidez2017_4 miamidez2017_5
Bei der weiblichen Begleitung handelt es sich einmal mehr um Model Juliette Perkins und Shelby Bullard. Letztere scheint in ‚engerer Beziehung‘ zu Leos Kumpel Jonah Johnson (der haarige Typ Wikinger auf Foto 5) zu stehen.

Weitere Sigthings aus Miami.

Auf (Kunst-) Jagd in Miami

Leo ist schlussendlich doch noch auf der Art Basel in Miami eingetrudelt.

At Art Basel in Miami, 06.12.17
artbaselmiamidez2017_1 artbaselmiamidez2017_2
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#leonardodicapprio with #MikeNelson work in forground, #artbaselmiami2017

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Zwei begeisterte Fan-Reaktionen. tongue

This being Art Basel Miami Beach, celebrities made the occasional appearance—Owen Wilson at the Van De Weghe booth checking out a Keith Haring with Stellan Holm, Leonardo DiCaprio emphatically embracing Mark Bradford, who had showed up in-person ahead of a dinner in his honor tonight, thrown by Hauser.


Leonardo DiCaprio and the Pussy Posse Hit Art Basel in Official Uniform (Hats)

It’s that time of the year again — Art Basel in Miami — which can only mean one thing: Leonardo DiCaprio and the Pussy Posse are in town. And this year, the group has been hitting up the model-saturated art festival in their official uniform — hats.

According to “Page Six,” DiCaprio spent more than 45 minutes in a private room at Art Basel on Wednesday night “haggling” over an $850,000 Jean-Michel Basquiat drawing. DiCaprio and his posse had been walking around the convention center looking at different booths, before his art adviser led the skilled multitasker toward the drawing. Per “Page Six”:

A witness said, “It seemed like they had a plan beforehand. They brought the work into a private room with Leo, the advisor, and slowly the hat-clad entourage also poured in.”

“Two blonde models who looked very much Leo’s type came and talked to his posse for a bit,” says the spy.

How artsy.



Leo ist nach wie vor in Los Angeles.

Hier einige sehr verschwommene Bilder, wie er in Begleitung von Model Aubrie Williams ein Restaurant verlässt. Sie trägt (angeblich) seine Jacke. Ein mittlerweile gelöschtes Video soll gezeigt haben, dass besagte Jacke auch noch tags darauf in ihrem Besitz gewesen ist (so kam es überhaupt erst zu ihrer Identifizierung) – was einige seiner Fans mal wieder zu wilden Spekulationen verleitet. PCH = Pacific Coast Highway (thanks to JJ)

Zu guter Letzt erwartet Paris Leo kommende Woche (12.12.17) auf dem Klimakgipfel. Vielleicht haben unsere europäischen Nachbarn ja mehr Glück.

Aktuelles Lebenszeichen

Laut den Kommentaren handelt es sich hierbei um einen „Liederabend“, an Leos Seite eine der Sängerinnen. Deren Mutter arbeitet wohl als Designerin in Hollywood.

At the Apogee Studio in Santa Monica, 03.12.17


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Ein Video von dem Abend, um sich das Ganze besser vorstellen zu können.

Dann hat Leos Foundation gestern in Miami im Zuge der alljährlichen Art Basel ein Event veranstaltet.