Leo in Guillermo del Toros „Nightmare Alley“!!! + „Once Upon…“ Trailer News

„Nightmare Alley“: Leonardo DiCaprio für Guillermo del Toros Noir-Film im Gespräch

Ab dem 15. August 2019 ist Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantinos neuem Film „Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood“ in einer Hauptrolle zu sehen. Seine nächste große Rolle könnte er in Guillermo del Toros neuem Noir-Projekt „Nightmare Alley“ spielen.

Guillermo del Toro und Leonardo DiCaprio haben eine Gemeinsamkeit: Für ihre letzten Filme, die über die Leinwand liefen, wurden sie mit dem Oscar geehrt. Del Toros „The Shape of Water“ wurde 2018 mit dem Goldjungen in den Kategorien Bester Film und Beste Regie ausgezeichnet und DiCaprio durfte sich 2016 einen Academy Award für seine Hauptrolle in „The Revenant – Der Rückkehrer“ freuen. Aktuell sieht es ganz danach aus, als würden die beiden Stars demnächst gemeinsam an einem Projekt arbeiten!

Laut Variety soll Leonardo DiCaprio in Guillermo del Toros Neuverfilmung des Noir-Klassikers „Nightmare Alley“ (dt.: „Der Scharlatan“) mitspielen. Bereits Ende 2017 kündigte der Oscar-Preisträger an, dass er den 1946 erschienenen Roman von US-Autor William Lindsay Gresham noch einmal verfilmen wolle. Die Originalverfilmung stammt aus dem Jahr 1954 von Regisseur Edmund Goulding. Wie Variety berichtet, will sich del Toro allerdings nicht an Gouldings Drama orientieren, sondern vor allem nach der Buchvorlage richten. Das Drehbuch zum neuen Projekt hat del Toro zusammen mit Kim Morgan („The Forbidden Room“) verfasst.

Darum geht es in „Der Scharlatan“

Der gerissene und gutaussehende Betrüger Carlisle, der seine Tricks bei Gaunern eines Jahrmarkts gelernt hat, sucht nach neuen Einnahmequellen und arbeitet mit einer Psychiaterin zusammen, die ihre Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse einsetzt um damit korrupte Geschäfte abzuwickeln. Zunächst arbeiten die beiden als Team gut zusammen und kommen auf ihre Kosten. Doch die Psychiaterin will mehr und versucht auch Carlisle über den Tisch zu ziehen…

Die Dreharbeiten zu „Nightmare Alley“ sollen im Herbst 2019 starten. Mit einem Kinostart rechnen wir frühestens Ende 2020, eher Anfang 2021.


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Jane Goodall on Leo: „He’s a good guy.“

Jane Goodall on Leonardo DiCaprio, her 85th birthday, and the need for hope

To honor Jane Goodall, the City of Los Angeles declared her 85th birthday, April 3, 2019, to be “Dr. Jane Goodall Day” and hosted a ceremony where the conservation icon talked about many things including her connection to the city. Her birthday was capped by a dinner gathering hosted by her friend, actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.

In recognition of Earth Day 2019 and the 85th birthday of the world’s most recognizable conservationist, below is an excerpt from the conversation between Jane and Mongabay founder Rhett Butler. The interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

Mongabay: What brought you to L.A.?

Jane Goodall: As you know it was my birthday this week and the city of Los Angeles honored me by declaring April 3, 2019 is “Dr. Jane Goodall Day”.

Mongabay: And Leonardo Dicaprio threw a nice 85th birthday dinner for you.

Jane Goodall: Well, it was quite the experience for me too. Leo and I have become really good friends. He’s such a nice person. So genuine.

Leo really does care and he really does know the animals. He’s just done a film on one of the most endangered animals in the world, the vaquita.

He understands the issues, spreads the word, and brings people together. He’s a good guy.

Mongabay: He also presented a $1.2 million donation towards your work.

Jane Goodall: Leo is very committed. He is also generous.


Mongabay: It’s easy to get depressed with all the negative developments of late. You said one of the things that keeps you upbeat is the fact that young people are really embracing these issues and mobilizing. Are there other areas you see as being hopeful for conservation right now?

Jane Goodall: Well, yes. I’m traveling around the world for three hundred days a year. I meet so many incredible people doing incredible things. Here in California, the condor was down to 12 birds a while back and was nearly written off as bound for extinction. But the population was over 150 the last time I looked. And similar recoveries are happening with many different animals around the world. I wrote a whole book on it. “Hope for Animals and Their World.”

In addition, people like Leonardo DiCaprio are taking up these causes, which is important because many people listen to him. His fans love him and get behind what he supports.

Full interview

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Photoshooting 2019 + Cannes director reviews ‚Once Upon A Time In Hollywood‘

Leo for allbirds, 2019
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“What I’ve seen from it is fantastic.”
Thierry Frémaux (Cannes director)

Happy 40th Birthday, Kate Hudson

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Leaving Kate Hudson‘s birthday party in Pacific Palisades, 19.04.19
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„What I would give to experience, just one more time; to feel that incredible sensation, when he looked at me, and then I felt alive.“

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At CHANEL J12 Dinner for NRDC „Celebration for Our Oceans“, 04.06.11

Earth Song Music Video // Cannes 2019 Update // Photos (April ’19)

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Lil Dicky’s Earth Featuring Leonardo Dicaprio, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, And Many More Will Make Your Day


He gave fans a glimpse of his much-awaited music video through Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Turning his focus to the live audience, the rapper and comedian passionately confronted the issue of “environmental crisis going on right now” before steering to share a story about how cool Leonardo DiCaprio is.

Lil Dicky enthusiastically shared,

“I went to his house and we played pickle ball,”

He added,

“One thing I can tell you is that guy cares so much about the planet. He gets really worked up talking about it.”

Apart from taking a leap to shine a much-needed light on the environment, Lil Dicky aligning the financial aspect of the song to his words as well. The artist teamed up with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to raise what’s sure to be a substantial cache of money for a good cause.

Net profits earned from the franchise including the short film-esque music video and Earth-related merchandise will be distributed to select nonprofits identified by LDF as being on the front lines of implementing solutions to climate change.


Adding up to the catchy new song and a creatively ambitious music video, Lil Dicky’s Earth project is complemented by an interactive website called We Love the Earth. In addition, the website aims to educate the public on the realities of climate change. Also taking forth the partnership with LDF, the websites also include interactive tutorials, behind-the-scenes and making-of content tabs, merchandise printed on sustainable materials, and much more engaging content.

Justin Winters, Executive Director of LDF and the One Earth initiative maintained,

“As activists across the world make their voices heard and inject new life into the environmental movement, we are delighted to be working with Lil Dicky and other collaborating artists to help build even greater support for climate solutions at this critical time,”

He further expressed,

“We invite everyone to sign the Global Deal for Nature petition to take a stand for our planet.”

The music video is a great leap forward for the awareness regarding climate change and the viable remedial actions that are possible to be carried out.


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For Tarantino-heads, there’s still hope. Per Deadline, Cannes artistic director Thierry Frémaux told reporters Thursday morning that it might be added to the lineup when the director is finished editing it. “The Tarantino was not ready. It was abusively and prematurely announced (in the press) which is too bad because it creates an appetite,” he said. “God knows we have the appetite for it, but it’s in a sprint. It’s one of the ones we hope to have good news on, to announce that it will be added.”

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At dinner with a large group at Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio in LA, 17.04.19

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Friendship of Leo & Jane Goodall + Leo in „Earth Day“ Music Video 2019

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Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Stop Stanning Jane Goodall

Leonardo DiCaprio might be dating a 21-year-old, but rest assured that he still has some room in his heart for the more elderly among us, too—or, at the very least, for one 85-year-old in particular. Over the past few years, the 44-year-old actor has repeatedly demonstrated his unwavering devotion to the primatologist Jane Goodall—something that even the editors of the Time 100 apparently haven’t failed to notice.

And on Wednesday morning, upon the release of the list’s 2019 edition, it turns out that its organizers helped DiCaprio take the relationship to another level. Rather than explain each person significance themselves, they enlisted an additional 100 celebrities to do so—including, of course, DiCaprio, who stepped up to the plate to write an essay about Goodall. (This isn’t the first time the famously press-shy actor has made an exception for her: Goodall is also practically the only person who can get him to pose for photographers.)

If you’re wondering how, exactly, Goodall has managed to fully capture Leo’s heart, allow him to tell you: Having read books both written about and by her, and familiarized himself with how the research she performed in Tanzania, when in her twenties, „ended up changing behavioral science forever,“ his admiration for the primatologist stretches back to long before they first met. Of course, since that happy day rolled around, his respect for her has grown exponentially: „It was only when I got to spend more time with Jane a few years ago that I truly felt I was in the presence of one of the most impactful and important leaders on the planet,“ he writes.

It’s no surprise, then, that the 44-year-old actor has made a point to repeatedly hang out with the 85-year-old since then. In 2016, for example, they sat side by side at the United Nations; in 2017, DiCaprio attended (and even posed on the red carpet for) the premiere of the documentary Jane, which is about Goodall; and in 2018, DiCaprio invited Goodall to join him onstage at his namesake foundation’s gala. Oh, and they’ve also hung out with Mark Ruffalo, not to mention Goodall’s stuffed monkey, Mr. H.

Messengers of Peace Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Stevie Wonder at the General Assembly on International Day of Peace at U.N. headquarters, New York.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall speaking at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala at Jackson Park Ranch in Santa Rosa, California, September 2018.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall at the Peace Bell Ceremony on the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the International Day of Peace at the United Nations in New York, September 2016.

Mark Ruffalo, Jane Goodall, and Leonardo DiCaprio at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala at Jackson Park Ranch in Santa Rosa, California, September 2018.

They might look like an odd couple, but the pair has more in common than you may think: Both are jet-setters (Goodall still travels around the world 300 days a year); and both have plenty of experience with appearing on-screen. (The first documentary about Goodall was made in 1963, and, as she told W in 2017, they’ve been „nonstop“ ever since.) Thanks to their work in environmental conservation, both also hold the title of United Nations Messenger of Peace. Plus, DiCaprio doesn’t even think she’s that old; in his essay, he describes her as being „at the young age of 85.“

DiCaprio hasn’t just come to consider Goodall „a very good friend“ for whom he’s „forever grateful“; thanks to her lifetime commitment to environmental protection, her philanthropy, and her optimism, she’s also someone who „mesmerize[s]“ him. According to DiCaprio, that’s true of anyone who’s heard her story or heard her speak, but no worries, Leo, we get the subtext: You’ll always and forever be her greatest stan.


#Leos text for Jane

Jane Goodall
By Leonardo DiCaprio

I admired Jane Goodall long before we ever met. I knew of her landmark work with chimpanzees in Gombe. I had read about her, read books written by her, but it was only when I got to spend more time with Jane a few years ago that I truly felt I was in the presence of one of the most impactful and important leaders on the planet. She chose to go to Tanzania at the age of 26 to study chimpanzees, and the research she conducted there, in the jungle at the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, ended up changing behavioral science forever.

Since then she has committed her life to environmental protection. Even now, at the young age of 85, Jane spends nearly every day spreading optimism and raising awareness worldwide; hers is a powerful message to protect the inherent rights of every living creature, to provide hope for future generations and to sound an urgent call against the greatest environmental threat of all—climate change. Anyone who has heard her speak, or heard her story, has been mesmerized by her life’s work and moved by her philanthropic legacy.

She has become a very close friend—and it is this friendship and unwavering commitment to our shared causes for which I, and so many others worldwide, am forever grateful.


How Lil Dicky Got Everyone From Leonardo DiCaprio to Justin Bieber for His „Earth Day“ Video

April 22 is Earth Day and the viral rapper Lil Dicky isn’t letting the day go unnoticed. The musician is planning on shutting down the internet tomorrow — or, at least, giving it plenty to talk about — when he releases his „Earth Day“ song and accompanying video. In a teaser for it, posted to Instagram by Justin Bieber, nearly every celebrity in the music world and beyond is introduced as a collaborator.

The cryptic video doesn’t show much, other than flashing the names of people like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Adam Levine, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry, John Legend, and, oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio — just to name a handful. How exactly did Lil Dicky manage to secure all of these names for a secret project?

Having Scooter Braun as his manager certainly helped. Lil Dicky’s manager also happens to represent Bieber, Grande, and the Zac Brown band, the lead singer of which was also teased in the „Earth Day“ trailer. As for DiCaprio, there are few things that matter more to the actor than the earth, as his Instagram and fervent support of renown conservationist Jane Goodall is continued proof of. DiCaprio’s love for the planet is also measurable: Back in 2017, he donated $20 million in grants to protect earth through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. “There exist today many proven technologies in renewable energy, clean transportation, and sustainable agriculture, that we can use to begin to build a brighter future for all of us,” he said at the time, „These facts have been presented to the world time and time again for decades. Quite simply, we are knowingly doing this to ourselves, to our planet and to our future, and the cost of our inaction is becoming clearer.“

Will DiCaprio make a similar statement in Lil Dick’s „Earth Day“ song and/or video? Tune in tomorrow at 9 am PT to find out.


„Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood“: Cannes 2019 Update

Quentin Tarantino’s 1969-set film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, is still in post-production and might not be announced at Thursday’s news conference, though it is expected to screen at the festival. The director is eager to compete, numerous insiders close to the project told Variety, so a late entry to the selection could be possible. A May 21 berth for the film would seem fitting, as that would be the 25th anniversary of “Pulp Fiction’s” world premiere on the Croisette.


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Photos: Coachella Music Festival 2019

At Coachella Bootsy Bellows party in Indio/California, 13.04.19

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Leonardo DiCaprio, Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Woods! Inside Coachella 2019’s Hottest Parties

The only things hotter than the desert sun this weekend were the parties kicking off around Coachella.

On Friday, festival-goers flooded Indio, California, for a weekend-long getaway of great performances and celebrity-filled parties.


On Saturday night, the famous Neon Carnival celebrated its 10-year anniversary. In partnership with Levi’s Brand, the exclusive event welcomed new additions including Australian-born beauty brand Bondi Sands and the upcoming big-screen adventure POKÉMON Detective Pikachu. Created by Brent Bolthouse, the outdoor dance party attracted an elite crowd including stars like DiCaprio, H.E.R., Alessandra Ambrosio, Janelle Monáe, Odell Beckham Jr., 2 Chainz, Quavo, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Young Thug, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Paris Hilton.


DiCaprio, who hasn’t missed a single Neon Carnival since its inception, was spotted chatting with Bolthouse. The two were overheard discussing the new layout and setup and the expansion into weekend 3 as Bolthouse joking asked DiCaprio if he had plans for April 27th. The remainder of the night, DiCaprio kept a low profile remaining incognito in his hooded sweatshirt, hat and glasses while getting cozy with Argentinean model Camila Morrone and dancing to the sounds of DJ Ruckus.


Clip: At Bootsy Bellows Party 2019

Clip: At Coachella After Party 2019